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Lots of customers with few complaints from other salons who ruined their hair will come to our famous Patricia's hair Salon in Astoria to get wonderful hair services. Patricia's Hair Salon staffs are veteran in making all our customer's to look awesome and feel better. More information on hair extensions provided by our well experienced staffs, hair salons reviews, hair salon services.

We have wonderful and the best hair salon reviews for our Patricia’s Hair Salon. We would like to say special thanks for our thousands of clients for all of the wonderful words. Below is a sample of some reviews and thanks from our clients. I will be updating this page with more letters when I get a chance.

Everybody wants to have nice hair to appear exquisite and elegant. Find few sample reviews and few complaints on hair salon services, customers with few complaints from other salons who ruined their hair and how to style it to be smart.

Complete guide to Patricia’s Hair Salon Reviews, Patricia’s Hair Salon Great Service in your area mean to say near New York, NYC, Astoria, NY. All hair salon needs for both women and men are concentrating here at Patricia’s Hair Salon in Astoria, NY.

Patricia’s Hair Salon will always focus on you and we have a team of leading experts in the field of extensions. Patricia’s Hair Salon specializes on helping you achieve your hair extensions look of your dream at an affordable price.

Very Few Complaints - Great Hair Service at Patricia's Hair Salon

Kerri Simmons

My sister in law recommended Patricia Hair salon for Wedding Hair Experience who did her wedding hair. They are great people who gave me the most amazing intricate hair do for myself and my bridesmaid. The hair styling lasted throughout my wedding and right into the next day. I will certainly be using them again for friend’s weddings and special occasions.

Lydia from NY

I just love Patricia’s Hair Salon. I walked into Patricia’s Hair Salon about 1 years ago after the upfront salon that I was going to closed down and the other salon across the street down played on my hair. Leda is the stylist I was referred to. She does the best hair in the salon. She can do anything you ask her to do and she doesnt make you wait for long hours due to overbooking. She is a miracle. I have referred so many people to Leda and they love her as much as I do. Leda is a best with the razor cut and she also colors very well. I love her and will never let anyone else touch my hair.


I am a long time customer of Patricia's salon. I am a very satisfied client and you can see me smiling in one of the pictures on there website in Hair Extension section. I just want to say Patricia and team keep the the good work and make people smile.

Realize when you come to us, we are the original Patricia's Astoria Hair Extensions salon for hair extensions, not as many other high priced hair salons, but NY, NYC Patricia hair extensions salon have vast range of types, and we are expertise in Patricia's Astoria Hair Extensions.

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